Studio Freezing When I Try To Publish My Game

Hi everyone. I have a problem. My Roblox Studio application keeps freezing when I try to publish a game. When I save it to file, it is working fine, but it takes a long time.

Let’s say for example, I made a new game with some updates. And, I try to publish the game to Roblox. I enter a name for the place. And then, studio freezes forever. This also happens with enabling team create.

Is there a solution for this?

EDIT: This does not happen when I try to enable/disable Team Create anymore. It only freezes studio when I try to publish a file to place.

A little update, everything works just fine now. It starts working again since I enabled Team Create on another place.

This is in the wrong Category, for future reference these type of issues go in Studio Bugs.

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