Studio freezing when trying to debug

When I try to debug a part of my LocalScript, Studio freezes:

Here the part of the code:

My current system spec:

log_ACEDB_last.txt (9.2 KB)

Here the Windows 10 dump file:

I can send the original project if needed.

Hey, thanks for the report! Can you take a look at How to post a Bug Report and follow the instructions there? I don’t have access to your link you posted but you should follow the instructions there on how to share it with Roblox only. Adding some steps to reproduce and a project file to reproduce it would also help us fix this issue.

Both links are working and are public. What problems are you having with these links?

You should not submit dump files and log files publicly - it looks like you haven’t read the Bug Report Requirements at all; you need to send them privately to this group and link to the DM instead of posting them directly since they can contain sensitive information: Logs / Crash Dumps / Other Bug Files.

Further, the google drive link is restricted. I think Google recently changed how link sharing in drive works, you now need to explicitly change an option when you copy the link from Restricted to Anyone can view


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