Studio having weird dots everywhere

So I loaded into studio today to find my eyes attacked by some weird dots that are all over my studio screen. I was wondering what unholy setting I had turned on to make this happen and if anyone else has seen this/had this happen to them

(as far as i know it isnt anything to do with UIs cause UI visibility is off, but then again im not a ui person)

Could have been a rendering error, try restarting studio.

I tried restarting as well as reinstalling and still didn’t work. Ill try restart my pc

Update : Restarting didn’t help

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Try going to studio settings > rendering and see what graphics mode you have set.

Mine is on “automatic” and it works fine, maybe try some of the options?

If that doesnt help then you should probably update your graphics drivers

Thank you!! It was on vulkan for some weird reason. Switched back to auto and its all sorted (have a nice :white_check_mark:)

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