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:rocket: Introducing Studio Helper

Studio helper is a plugin that contains 9 plugins In JUST 1 PLUGIN

:question: What is Studio Helper

Studio helper is a combination of 9 plugins into one. Here are the features it includes:

  • Cutscene Creator :camera_flash: (with Enum Easing, Enum Direction, Duration Settings, it also uses CFrames instead of part with no maximum Cutscene Camera limit).

  • UI Tools :hammer_and_wrench: (Includes Scale, Offset, Constraint, Scale Text, Swap Size, Swap Position, Fast Tools (Scale/Offset position and Size at the same time), Great for UI Designers (Idea also taken from @ ZacBytes so Credits to him).

  • Custom Avatars :scroll: (Similar to Hats In studio But this time with pets :dog:).

  • Find Object Path (Useful for scripters :scroll:, Select an object and with just one single click it will generate it’s path find (Example: game.Workspace.Part)

  • Group :palms_up_together: as a Screen Gui

  • Ungroup (Works with every object unlike the Roblox system)

:camera: Pictures of Studio Helper

See Pictures

:gift: How much does Studio Helper cost?

Studio helper is free and will always be free!

Install the Plugin here



I’m really excited to see this plugin help with your workflow, Let me know as always if you have any suggestions or features you want me to add as always!


Cool plugin! I installed it for later. Are there new features coming?

Dock UI saying Custom Avator…?

I’ve seen some of these tools as other plugins published on the marketplace, so if you used their plugin’s resource I suggest crediting them for what they’ve done.


Thank you so much for replying : ) I really appreciate that.

Yes, this is just the begging for the Plugin!

Everything I have in my plugin is made by me (UI, Scripts) used an opensource module to turn turn the table into a string though.

Didn’t even notice that, Thanks for point it out : ).

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I love your plugin!


When I create a part it’s created within the selected instance and not within the workspace.

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Thank you so much for replying I really appreciate it that you took your time to reply :heart:.

I’m unsure what you mean Is it a feature related to the Plugin or just a studio bug using Studio?

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Oh sorry I posted another video, here’s the video:

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Oh, no worries. This is an intended behavior of the Plugin though, for example if you select’ReplicatedStorage’ and Created an Object it will be parented to ReplicatedStorage but if you don’t select anything it will automatically be parented in workspace.

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great plugin! you could take over the plugin marketplace with this its basically every plugin in 1 so i want have to spend 5 hours looking for the right one

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Thank you so much for replying and for the kind words. This plugin took me tens of hours to make. :heart:

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Question: How can I remove my avatar?

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Well, Currently there is no way to remove your avatar (Super sorry) as it saves I’ll add that feature today along with an update to use Old materials and new materials feature.

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Can I delete that folder?

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No, If you do it will add it back but what you could do is type this in the Command bar so every a few mil seconds it will destroy it. But I recommend waiting for the official way to do it I’ll work on adding this feature asap and release it in a few minutes or an hour.

Here is the hacky way to remove it Run this in the Command bar.


Just shipped an update to add a feature to unequip the current pet you have equipped to do so don’t select any pet and press the Become button it will set it as the default studio orb.

Make sure to update your Plugin


New Update Just Shipped!!

  • Added 2 NEW features
    • Ungroup any object (Must have 1 or more Child Overall the same Roblox system but you can ungroup anything).
    • Group as a ScreenGui.

Let me know if you would like to see any more features added to the plugin : ) Thanks for the support so far! :heart:

Should I make a system where you’d choose what you want to group as?

Let me know as always : ).


Totally love this plugin, great job!


It’s really awesome to see how quickly you have improved in plugin creation! :smile:

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@CrazyAlternetive Thank you for the positive feedback :heart: and replying : ). I really appreciate it.

As a thank you for 40+ Installs in just a DAY NEW UPDATE!!!

New update Just Shipped!


  • Added a Swap position feature inside UI Tools (Both objects should have a ‘Position’ property.)
  • Added a Swap size feature inside UI Tools (Both objects should have a ‘Size’ property)
  • Studio helper now supports History Service (Incase you want to undo/redo something)


Bugs :bug:

  • Fixed some major bugs.

Install the Plugin here:


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don’t worry we understand and you definitely you deserve it!

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