Studio intermittently closes on Play Solo

Studio has been closing itself without any warning when entering Play Solo mode. I have been running into this issue in our Testing Grounds place, and it happens with Team Create enabled and disabled. This issue began happening a few weeks ago. I don’t have any way to consistently reproduce it happening.

I’m running the latest version of Studio on macOS 10.15.3


Can you follow these instructions to find the log file generated from a Studio session where entering Play Solo caused Studio to exit? It might provide useful insight since this isn’t a reliable issue and you haven’t confirmed if other people also experience it.

Do not post this file publicly, follow the instructions to send it to Studio Crash Reports, and link that DM in your thread (only engineers can see it).

Happened to me twice so far, whenever I play solo, Roblox studio closes by itself. The worse thing is auto saving is not working all the time, when I reopen studio, nothing pops up for opening auto save files. When I tried to open auto save files from folders, it only opens studio but not opening any actual places. I’m on Windows 7.

Closing as this does not meet the bug reporting guidelines