Studio Linter not finding variable names?

My studio linter has been having some problems today for some reason.

So the Linter no longer finds my variable names, and sometimes this doesn’t work on service name definitions either. I’m having this problem with ALL variable types including function names and makes it ridiculously annoying to have to write my variable names manually, and I can’t even see if they are defined or not and it makes it confusing.

(Ignore the code, especially the bottom if statement)
Here’s a GIF:


Does an error precede testingvariable? In the vast majority of the cases this is due to another line being underlined somewhere else in the script.

Nope, no errors in the code. I am able to print testingvariable just fine.

Well, that’s weird. I usually don’t mind such bugs and after all this doesn’t really affect us. You could try reopening studio, but I can’t really help you further. I’m certain that posts like this have been made in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs category, you could check some.

Nice portfolio !

Can’t find any similar threads / bug reports of this issue, however, thanks for trying to help. (Since I’m a member, I can’t open bug reports).

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