Studio Logs Collecting

I was cleaning out my computer and noticed a huge file full of logs in the ROBLOX local folder.

That’s almost 1GB of text documents…

I soon figured out that studio creates a couple new log file each time you launch the application. Any old files are not removed. I personally find this a waste of space and I don’t think it’s the proper behavior.

File can be found at C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Roblox\logs


Whoa, that is a big one, huh?

I cleared mine, but it was nearly a gigabyte.

From just this year.

I remember an old thread a few years ago in Scripters that had some pretty big log folders.

I bet mine are full of network errors. Edit: yup lots of curl errors.

Wow… these… should be cleared out…

Why don’t these get cleared automatically? It looks like old ones are already put into an archive folder. Out of the 136 MB the log folder is for me (even though Windows was clean-installed and ROBLOX was installed only 2 weeks ago), the archive folder is 117 MB, or 86%. The logs folder wouldn’t be nearly as big if ROBLOX kept the archive folder clean and deleted old files. If it does this already, it needs to keep the files for shorter periods of time so the folder doesn’t build up to be this big.

What makes it worse is some people have 80 GB Hard drives, so 1% being taken up by log files is not something nice to hear…

Mine is only 165MB which is extremely surprising to me as I’d expect it to be much higher. Either way that is a lot of useless text documents

I make a point of deleting mine every few months.


Looked at one of the logs - I thought that Roblox moved away from Ogre forever ago?

Not too bad:

I set that folder to read-only a long time ago. Only 71 MB here.

I’m working on this problem right now. I’ve solved this on windows (Logs should soon be culled after 14 days). However, it appears logs are not being culled at all on Mac.

Can someone with Mac show how many logs they have gathered on their client, and confirm this is the case? Thanks!

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76.8 MB used- I also reinstall ROBLOX Player and Studio because of an issue with the updater for Mac (says it can’t update every Thursday after an update)

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Hi. Would someone be willing to send their log files to me for testing?