Studio Play Mode Game Logic Freezes

So when im in studio testing my game, i have a problem when instancing just one zombie into the game. it decides to pause in the moment. no frame drop, no network issue or memory issue. i’ve cut basically everything out of the main code just down to instancing the NPC Model, This only happens every time i spawn a zombie, Everything that happens within my game also works perfectly fine within play mode and not in studio but its just annoying that it happens.

if anyone can tell me why or how it’s being done… i would like to know

Here is an example gif / Watch the muzzle flash you can tell when its normal and when it not

Figured it out, as soon as i posted this!
So i am Instancing it into a Folder Class or even a Model, which cause it to do this, Seem like having its parent to workspace, stop this issue…