Studio Scripting Bugs

I have been using studio to write some scripts and have found :
Automatic ‘end’ and brackets stops working after a while (Frustrating and time waster)
RemoteEvents even when called at the start of a script can have infinite yield )
When running a script it thinks its in an older version and runs that. (Big Issue)

Soloution: Fix it, it was working before.
Soloution2: Check your updates before releasing them and ruining days of script progress to script running version errors.

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If you experience this, copy and paste all your scripts somewhere you can get them back, when you restart studio it can set the current version you were making to the old one it was attempting to run.

Only fix ive found is restart studio

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This is the incorrect category to post this in. If you want to make a studio bug report, make a post request in #platform-feedback and in the Studio Bugs sub-category.

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Not sure what you might be trying to achieve. This post sounds somewhat like it should be #platform-feedback. But it also doesn’t seem substantial enough to be a bug report.

As far as script-autocomplete issues, I’ve never experienced this without knowing why. It’s a good practice to organize and indent code properly. Any code above any line affects how autocomplete works. So an error, unknown expression, unknown variable, unclosed brackets can all affect auto-complete.

Firing remote events don’t yield. Firing remote functions do. This is probably user error, because remote functions never yield infinitely unless the callback function is never set. So hard to fix this issue without specific code.

Script on older versions. Check if you have uncommitted drafts?

There are no uncommitted drafts and the only other person in my team create has not so much as looked at the scripts, The remote function is in no way a human error as it is called from Replicated storage with a :waitforchild(). I’m only firing client/server and not invoking them so there are no errors on that account either. Even on autosave slots and file locations there is nothing regarding the scripts, its not just 1 script this has happened to it has happened to: Gravity creating script, Player manager module, Dev console logger, memory stats(One server, One local, Remote events Used) and a building animation script.

Its not a one off occurrence. I have no active running plugins, When testing all unrelated scripts are disabled. In regards to the autocomplete I can literally start a new script and type function name( it fails to put the other half of the bracket and also fails to put end on the line below. I know there is a setting for this and I have checked it, the auto fill is on.

I can confidently say it has nothing to do with the scripts as it happens on a brand new script. Also the fact that the scripts are 100% functional once I restart studio and replace the entire script with the newer version.

The scripts i’m using are all in the game and the sources are the scripts themselves and not online.

I called the remote events as per the wiki guides:
I have deleted the local script, script and module script due to that very version error.
If you must know the server was to fire the client and the client will get the server memory stats through the module and then fire the server with the clients memory stats and the server memory stats. There was nothing else other than retrieving the data and there were no errors. I had not yet added client vs server memory usage checker for my anti-exploit.