Studio Toolbox Using Paste on V key

This isn’t just exclusive the toolbox. Even the plugins I use experience experience this issue. Currently looking for a repo.

Still looking for a fix, studio acts like I’m always holding down ctrl.

When typing in the Toolbox, regardless of whether you have CTRL held down or not, pressing the V key will paste the latest item from your keyboard into the search bar while typing. It seems to disregard the fact that the control key was released and is still registering input as if CTRL is held down.

Here’s a gif of what I’m talking about. I’m trying to type ‘map voting’ but when I get to ‘map v’ it pastes the copied text.

(Link incase video doesn’t display:

Try pressing right control. It seems to get stuck on for me.

I had to restart studio to fix this just so I could use the toolbox search feature with the letter ‘V’, so unfortunately I can’t do this.

It happen to me but try press the ctrl 2 or more times

Issue is still prevalant.

Only work around currently, is to copy and paste what you want to search in the toolbox.

I finally found a reliable repo for this:

  1. (Make sure that there’s text in your clipboard)
  2. Click on the search box to focus on it.
  3. Hold ctrl and then click on the viewport to make the search box lose focus.
  4. Re-focus on the search box by clicking on it.
  5. Without pressing ctrl, press V. The contents of your clipboard will be pasted. Pressing V again and again will keep pasting the clipboard.

The only way to fix this is to press ctrl while the search box (or any other textbox) is focused. Also, this isn’t exclusive to the toolbox’s search box. It also applies to any text box in plugin widgets.


This is still happening for me, for all TextBoxes inside of plugin widgets. It has been happening for quite a while now and I’m really confused as to why it hasn’t been fixed yet.

I’m only able to use plugins reliably if I copy “v” to my clipboard, which is pretty annoying to have to do…

This is still persistent.

Can’t Roblox just remove the CTRL + V functionality of the toolbox?

Both of the operating systems that Roblox supports support this very feature and there’s no reason to include it in the toolbox, other than to be an annoyance.


There is an annoying bug where when typing in the toolbox, if you click the letter “V”, it will sometimes paste what was copied on your keyboard, even if the control button was not clicked. To make sure it wasn’t a PC problem, I went into google chrome and used the letter V and it worked normally. I have resorted to typing words with a v in a notepad app then copying and pasting into toolbox, and this is highly annoying.

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This should be fixed soon in a coming update.


I use the paste function quite often in the tool box, and it would kinda suck if it went away

The paste feature is default in most operating systems.

Roblox removing the short cut of just being V wouldn’t harm anything.

It would just make it required to press CTRL or CMD, which is how it should be.

sometimes V doesn’t paste. Normally it starts after pasting the first time. Its like controlIsPressed stays true

I think you are under the impression that this is an intended feature - it’s not, it’s a bug (hence the category name). The intended action is infact pressing CTRL + V together to paste text.

I’m saying the function they have in place should be removed as Windows and Mac have this functionality.

Windows and Mac do not automatically carry over this functionality to external programs such as roblox. It is the programs that implement them.

Well text boxes already have this functionality without it needing to be through Lua.

There’s really no sense in it being coded into the plugin itself.

Looks like this bug has finally been fixed!