Studio Tools not Working Properly

Since i can’t post in #platform-feedback:studio-bugs i don’t know where to post this, so i’ll just leave it here for the time being.

For the past week, i have been encountering a bug in studio where the tools aren’t working properly, even selection isn’t working. I have to restart studio a couple of times to make it work again. I didn’t mind it at first, now it’s starting to annoy me so i decided to make a post about it.

A video of the tools not working:
Studio Tools Not Working.wmv (5.5 MB)

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Roblox Studio kinda broking these days. even me i’m unable to dev because studio is so laggy and even takes 1 Gb of my memory and 99% of my cpu usage, its just crazy i hope roblox fixes this.

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have you tried choosing things from the workspace?

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I tried but it’s just not working

Have you tried redownloading roblox studio??

This bug has been happening for a while now, I also advise you to search first before posting.