Studio Tools Revert

Hi, so I got on to ROBLOX Studio this morning and found out that the movement, resizing, and rotating had been changed. Is it possible to revert these changes or at least change settings on them? I have looked through the general areas and can’t find anything about settings or reverting em.

Thanks, xPro_Do


Yeah, new update. It would be pretty cool to add it as a settings option to change the appearance of the move, scale, and rotate tool. I mean I’m fine with the move and scale appearance changes, just might take some time to get used to, though I’m not really convinced about the rotate change since the orbs on the axis rings were removed.

It’s now harder to actually figure out the orientation of the part. Before, the axis rings would rotate to align with the part orientation but now, the axis rings stay stationary and you can’t really figure out where it’s rotated unless you click on the axis rings. As shown here:
image image

Personally, I think the legacy version of the rotate tool performed better than what it is now.

Also don’t think this is in the right category. Should belong in Studio Features I think.

Edit: Just realized these are called “lua draggers”, there’s already topics on these.

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