Studio update broke my gui!

Hi ima just get straight to the point a studio update that i installed like 5 minutes ago broke my gui i started working on the gui this morning my time i had just started making it now it looks weird looking heres a picture

The letters are NOT suspose to be holld and the Admin Panel 9000 title is supose to have a gradient if you have any way to fix this please let me know as this is very annoying for me since i had just started working on it!

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Hello! Do you used UIstroke?
If yes its broken now. you just can look in bug reports and you may find a post where a guy posted UIstroke problem. Remove or Disable UIstroke to fix this problem.
if something else then idk.
robloxapp-20210722-1046310.wmv (192.9 КБ)
Example with gradient:
robloxapp-20210722-1048536.wmv (208.6 КБ)

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Oh ok Yes i was using UI stroke when it gets fixed will it be reverted back?

You can use UIstroke now, but with its own problem in ‘Contextual’ mode.