Studio view memory

I cannot find where to view the memory for the green play button run type. Currently I have yet to work on the client scripts so everything would break if I play as player. I want to make sure there is no memory leak on what I’ve thus far written on the server side.

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While in Studio, go into the View tab, and near the middle, there is a button called “Performance”. Click it and Play the game. Open up the tab PerformanceStats to check your memory, CPU, GPU, etc…

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I don’t think a like can represent how much of a help this will be! It’s really helpful. I’m curious how you found out about this. Might be a dumb question but figured I’d ask.
Is there a studio manual? I’ve never seen it.


Well, there is the Roblox developer wiki, it has tons of useful articles and detailed on how to do certains things, it even has some tutorials in it.

But I did not find it there, I actually found it while searching for the output button after 2 years of inactivity on Roblox Studio. Saw the Performance tab and voala, there it was.

Glad I could help. If you haven’t checked the dev wiki, do so! I use it all the time.

Good luck with your creations!

EDIT: Found this page in the dev wiki which explains the different parts of the studio, just click in one of the 7 tabs to get detailed information on each button that they contain:

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