Studio Widgets Aren't Fully Customizable, Why?

So, I want to add a toolbar similar in structure to Inkscape’s toolbar for most of the essential functions of the program related to drawing:


The problem I have is that even though I have my widget’s window at a ridiculously low number, I get this:

Why is there an absolute minimum size enforced?

I really like the idea of having this plugin be integrated with the Studio using the widget feature, but if it can’t support fully functional resizing without a cap, then I am going to have to go to viewport UI instead, such a shame. :frowning:

Any suggestions for how I could use the generic UI instead?


If there’s a minimum to the size of the widget, you’re anchored to that minimum size and there isn’t a way around it without creating your own interface outside of widgets.

It’s worth a feature request for a lower minimum, provided you can explain your use case well.


It isn’t a huge issue, but to me, if you’re going to offer the ability to have “control” over the size of your widget UI:
200, -- Default width of the floating window
300, -- Default height of the floating window
150, -- Minimum width of the floating window
150 -- Minimum height of the floating window
One should be able to actually control minimums and maximums.

I think there are plenty of UI features that the Studio lacks, but it gets mentioned, we get told about a wish list and then it doesn’t get talked about again. I wouldn’t want to contribute to clutter, by way of posting more threads about UI. I wish we had a clear goal for the system (i.e. overhaul or not). I would think UI would be right there alongside some of the things on the roadmap – its what allows for far reaching interaction in everyone’s games!

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