StudioLua Regulations

StudioLua Regulations

Hey, as StudioLua we also have rules for our group. Everyone who is in the group is obliged to adhere to this. If you commit a violation, we can choose to remove you from the group.

Group Rules

  • Don’t post ads from your group, websites, games, discord servers, and everything around it. This can lead to a group kick.
  • Don’t insult each other. We will kick fast for it. This can lead to severe penalties.
  • If an Administrator or higher says you stop then you stop, you are always listening to an Admin.
  • Use the group-wall where it for is.


  • If you want to become an Allie you can send a request. We accept groups without pornographic and offensive content, if your group does, we will refuse your request.
  • An Admin in any position therefore has the right to remove the Allie if it is no longer suitable.

:warning: Keep in mind that this regulation can be changed every day!