Styled frames down scaling child elements when resizing with UI editor

Every time I go to manipulate the size of a UI element if the element is a child of a frame (with the style of drop shadow or roblox round) the element unwillingly scales down by a fraction of about 1/10th every time I manipulate it.

I am generally aware that any objects under these types of frames also scale down a bit overall, but every time I manipulate their size they consistently downscale regardless of the magnitude of input.

This seems like a small behavior bug that causes the regular down scaling to be repeated when the size changes no matter what. It’s real frustrating :stuck_out_tongue:

Below are some GIFs of the behavior:

Repro file:
DropShadowDragRepro.rbxl (21.0 KB)

I use a NVIDIA GTX 1080TI @1440p.
This behavior happens without any plugins installed.

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@Azatiel - thanks for reporting this issue! I’ve created a ticket to investigate. As an alternative to Frame Style, you could explore sliced image types and rounded corners to achieve a similar styling without these workflow issues (although more configuration is needed compared to Frame Style).

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