Submit/check DevEx on mobile

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to submit a DevEx request on the create page on mobile, and check your DevEx status unless you go through the Trades section.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would make a huge difference to being able to check your status wherever you are - if you can’t access your PC then that shouldn’t be a worry?! I understand they don’t want the ability to change game settings etc. from the create page on mobile however it just returns to a redirect saying access on a PC - there should be a section dedicated just for DevEx on mobile.

Thanks for reading, hope you agree, this would be a great feature!


The entire ‘Create’/‘Develop’ section of the website isn’t available on mobile, which is partially due to the very outdated page layouts not being responsive. I’m personally indifferent about this as developers are bound to their Desktop computers for everything regarding Roblox Studio and developing their games already, and with more game settings being moved from the website into Studio this will probably become less relevant as time goes on.

If you need to simply check up on your DevEx requests or your game stats, you can use the ‘Desktop mode’ that many mobile browsers such as Chrome offer you. With that mode enabled, I’ve submitted DevEx requests before and it functions just fine. (Granted this requires you to sign-in through the website instead of the app, but this is a requirement to access the Developer Forum on mobile already so it shouldn’t be much hassle)


You know… I had no clue there was a desktop mode in the long time that I’ve been using Chrome mobile!!:frowning: Thanks for that I’ll definitely use that now, I just never thought of that lol