Submitting 2 Applications

So I’ve heard many applications weren’t received so I decided to submit a duplicate. I’m wondering if this will affect my chances at all. I’ve also added updated games etc in the new application with a lot more of my abilities in it.

Will this affect my chances of being selected for RDC?

I can’t really see how this would change their choice unless they never received your first one. They usually choose on if you’ve made a popular game your activity etc. I got invited last year even tho we grew so many members you still could be picked if you’ve made a good mark on Roblox. No I didn’t get invited this year I didn’t apply cause there is no chance I can go sadly…


I built a game with 50m+ visits with a healthy player account so Im not just a random guy on here but I get what your saying.

Yeah seem like you’re going to be one of the best choices for them if that’s true.