Subso Blacklisting Services

Hey there Robloxians,

I am Fluxtev, the current owner of a Global Blacklist Service! We are providing Services where you can submit a user report, and our Team will review the report and decide if we should blacklist them or not!

Once we Blacklist any user from our Services, they will automatically be unable to join any game using our Services! We only blacklist Advances Exploiters, and Scammers!

If you wish to use our services, you can go to our ROBLOX Group and click our Discord Social Link! We would be happy to have groups using our Services.

All Reports are currently reviewed by Team Subso ! If you wish to receive the reports in your own Discord Channel, feel free to contact our Team to setup a Partnership.

You are able to exclude users from our Global Blacklist, and allow them back into your game at any time! All Blacklists are publicly logged to everyone, so you can see who was Blacklisted!

If you need any assistance within our Services, feel free to email us at ! We would be happy to hear from you! :smiley:

GROUP LINK: Subso - Roblox

Best Regards,
Fluxtev from Subso