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As of now with Subway in its third year. Most of Subway management and high ranks are inactive. Some of this is due to school the other part is boredom. Development for Subway has come to a halt due to projects not being able to be completed due to developer being in school. Staff is inactive because no one is hosting, shifts, training’s, and interviews on a regular basis. Now with the community having 18,000 members and it being inactive is not good. So what is going to be done about this.


Every week members will get a progress notice of what’s going on in Subway.

  • What is being done well.
  • What needs improvement.
  • Shout outs for awesomeness
  • New Staff promotions will be announced.

Communications with allies


Activity has been low lately. How do we increase it?

Opening applications Subway wide
Hiring additional staff.
Hiring active management
Promoting staff differently

Improving Development
Recruiting of new members
Ensuring that staff have the resources they need.
Getting back to Subway values.


Why has development been so secretive? No updates about progress?

Hiring more developers to assist in furthering the development of Subway as a community.
Well as of now you will receive progress on development.
Every week status on projects will be sent to everyone.
For security of the development material. No progress was being released.
The developer who is developing is doing the best he can with the time he has.

If you have any questions please DM me or message me Sirblades11#5293

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