Subway Community AA Guide

 Admin Abuse
Use of Administrative Power. Policies

[Information below will list what you can not do with Administrative Power and what possible Punishable outcomes will be]


[Admin Command] - :mute (Only is to be used after all three warnings if given)

[Admin Command] - :Respawn (Is only to be used if the Player is Glitched into any sort of Structure and request’s to be Respawned.)
   3.  [Admin Command] - :Shutdown (Is only used by Administrators of the Level of MOdera+. This Command is only to be used if there is an Exploiter/Urgent Update to the Server)

  4.  [Admin Command] - :PM (Can be used by any Administrative User but not Abused)

 5.   [Admin Command] - :SM (Should not be used only Community Director, AriaToTheRescue, CryptoBloodXaos, Mr_Changg or Sirblades11 Anyone else caught using this Command will get a Warning or risks  being Suspended or even Fired)

6.   [Admin Command] - :H (This Command should only be used for Important Information) 

7.   [Admin Command] - :resetsubstation (Should be used by Moderators+ in Deli if substation stops working. Automatically clears sustation of subs and allows

Anyone who uses any other Administrative Command that is not listed above under Section [AUTHORIZED COMMANDS] Will receive a Warning, or can be Suspended or Fired




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