Subway Community Immediate Changes


[Discord Server]
All ranks who are shift leader or above must be in Discord. We will no longer be hiring any MANAGEMENT+ off of Applications [This applies to all current management as well.]
Have been removed for Subway as of now only Interviews and Training will be hosted no applications will be read. The only way to get hired is applications. If you would like to do a voice chat interview that is allowed however a Hiring Manager must interview with the same questions.

[General Managers]
Must now fill out a report of how the shift they were at went regardless of

[Management for Subway]
Will only be hired through Voice Chat Interview if you cannot you voice chat the interview can take typed answers
Management is required to be professional, active and use grammar at all times. The discord server as well.
Management will be required to be active every week, if not active and no inactivity notice is given you will be fired

[HIgh Ranks and Executives]
Will only be hired through interview in Voice Chat
After interview a contract will be given for hiring
If in violation of the contract said Executive will be fired
Executives must maintain professionalism in Subway Discord and servers as well.
Executives must be active weekly as well and if not and no inactivity notice is on file they do will be fired

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