Suddenly can not access ServerScriptService from Client

Hello there!

While in the middle of developing, I’ve suddenly noticed that I can no longer access scripts from ServerScriptService anymore from a local script.

Whenever I try to do so, I get the “Script is not a valid member of ServerScriptService ‘ServerScriptService’” warning.

I’ve never had this problem before, and I’m questioning whether or not this is a bug or some new change that’s being rolled out.

If you really want my code...although it's very basic since it's only for testing purposes

Server Script:


Local Script:

local RemoteEvent = game.ServerScriptService.Script.RemoteEvent

    script.Parent.Frame.Visible = true
    print("Fired succesfully")

Any help would be mildly appreciated, thank you!

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Due to FilteringEnabled, the client cannot access server-side things, such as the children of ServerScriptService. These might be a good read on the topic:

^ This one especially.