Sugar Bowl Code of Conduct

Sugar Bowl Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct was established to prevent trollers, unprofessional staff, and anything that can make our group look bad whatsoever. We established the Code of Conduct so our group is more professional. The Code of Conduct can be edited at any time and if it is, you’ll be notified. However, the Chief Administrative Officers and above strive to enforce good policies for our group so we can grow and become even better and better. Violating the code of conduct can result in serious repercussions.

Main Code of Conduct

The rules below apply to everyone visiting a Sugar Bowl game. If you are caught violating these rules in any way possible, action will be taken against you instantly.

  1. Trolling at the parlor, causing disturbance, being inappropriate will result in immediate warning. Once 3 warnings are acquired you will be kicked from the server. 3 kicks = 1 server ban. 2 Server Bans = 1 pban.

  2. Exploiting/hacking is not allowed at Sugar Bowl whatsoever under any circumstances. If you are seen exploiting, you will be trello banned from the Sugar Bowl platform. You can only appeal this ban after 1 year.

  3. Your attire and clothing choices need to be friendly for everyone in the server. Please avoid wearing the below:

  • Racist, sexist, shirts/pants/t-shirts that include cursing.
  • Any invisible clothing with a realistic skin colour.
  • Any pieces of clothing that bypass the Roblox filter, e.g swearing (Adding onto the 1st one).
  • Any clothing that can offend someones sexuality, such as a protest against LBTQ, etc.
  • Any clothing that can make staff members assume you’re circumventing a ban. Such as trolling outfits, colorful skin tones (such as having 3 different skin tone colors and no clothing on), etc.

If you are found wearing any of these things our staff members have every right to ask you to take it off. Failure to comply will result in you being removed from the game. If your avatar is seriously inappropriate, you can also face severe and more serious punishments which can include trello bans, blacklists, etc.

  1. Any inappropriate usernames that bypass the Roblox filter are not allowed on our platform, and you will be automatically banned. This includes at interviews, trainings and when applying. This will be a permanent trello ban meaning you cannot appeal this whatsoever. You’ll be banned on all our platforms and we’ll assume you’re circumventing a previous banishment.

  2. If you are caught spamming but minor, you will be asked to stop then given warnings. Once 3 warnings are obtained you will be kicked. If you are spamming majorly, you will be instantly banned. Depending on what you’re spamming and if it’s major or minor will determine the type of banishments. (Banishments include but are not limited to: trello bans, perm bans, and server bans.)

  3. Advertising is not allowed period. Any sort of advertisement will result in you being removed from the server immediately. (Advertising include but are not limited to: “Subscribe to my channel!” “You guys should subscribe to me.” “I’m trying to grow my channel, please subscribe to me!” “Join my roblox group!” “Buy my shirt!” “Join my roblox group for robux!”, etc.)

  4. Making false accusations, coming up with fake stories, and making false reports can hurt your reputation if you ever look forward to a career here, or can result in you being banned. This is a waste of the HR+ Teams time and they can give you repercussions for doing so.

  5. Do not bug MRs+ if you don’t need to. You can always ask questions, you can always engage in conversation, however, attempting to distract them or talking to them about foolery can result in a warning for trolling and we’ll assume it’s trolling. It’s a waste of our time especially when we’re supervising, etc.

  6. While we understand English isn’t the only language, please try in every way possible to use it. We are very heavy on this considering that our staff are only familiar with English. Staff are required to use a translator if they cannot understand what you’re saying. If you are trolling in a different language, making rude jokes, etc, you will be instantly banished from the game permanently.

  7. If you are banned on your main account and then join on a alt, you will be banned on that account too. If you are caught using an alt 2 or more times, you will be trello banned. This is considered as stated above circumventing a previous banishment and is taken seriously.

  8. Common sense is recommended. We cannot state every rule, but if you think you shouldn’t do something, check in with an MR/HR first before doing it or simply don’t do it at all.

  9. If you’d like to ever be unbanned, you need to wait up to 30 days after the banishment. However, if it is a severe issue such as exploiting or a major violation of our policies, you will not be unbanned or you may have to wait longer.

  10. Discrimination due to sexuality, racism, disrespect, etc will result in immediate warning. Discrimination due to sexuality and or race will result in immediate ban.

  11. You need to wait 15 days after creating your account if you’d like to visit our games. If we see that your account was created less than 15 days ago prior to that day, you can be removed from the server until you reach the 15+ days limit.

Staff Code of Conduct


Staff would be dressed professionally while at Sugar Bowl games. It is okay to put on fun looking outfits with your friends, however, when working and actively associating with Customers you need to be in professional attire. We allow packages, however, we do not want anything too excessive when we are at sessions – and sometimes even the parlor.


We expect all staff have are acting in a professional and mature manner. Customers should have the best service at all times, you can always chill with your friends and explore the parlor and stuff, however, professionalism and maturity need to be in play during these times. To a certain extent, you can chill and have fun, but just remember to try and follow our rules and remain professional as you are having fun.


Asking for promotions will drastically lower the chance of you getting promoted and, if excessive, could get you demoted. Anyone seen hinting for a promotion or asking will result in a immediate 2 week suspension.


You are required to utilize grammar while on Sugar Bowl premises. There are no exceptions to this rule, you should always use grammar no matter what. Using excessive slang will be deemed as you not utilizing grammar and can result in discplinary action. All staff need to use grammar, no matter what rank they are.


The rules we have provided on this page are to be followed at all times. Failure to follow these rules will result in disciplinary action on you immediately. Please understand our rules are to create a better environment in our group.

Thank you,
moodyqz & The Corporate Office