Sugaree Bakery - Security Training Guide

Sugaree Bakery - Security Training Guide

Anything written in regular text is for you to copy and paste to the Security Interns, while anything written in bold are just mental notes for yourself.

1: Introduction:

Security Intern(s), my name is ___, and I will be your Trainer for this training.

Before we start, please follow me inside the building.

Lead the Intern(s) to the Security room.

Before we go over the rules, I will be suggesting a few tips beforehand.

I would recommend listening to the rules when we state them, as abiding by them may also help you succeed at the training.

I would also suggest taking notes, as this will help you in both the training and the future.

Any questions?

Great, I will now be stating the training rules, so please listen closely.

1: Grammar (capitalization and punctation) must be used at all times.
2: Any form or sign of swearing will result in an automatic failure.
3: If you ever have a need to go AFK, alert me but keep in mind that you must keep it under 5 minutes before you are dismissed.
4: If you ever encounter something or someone troubling, let me know and I will handle it.

Any questions?

Great, let’s begin the instructional part of the training.

2: Positions:

Throughout the bakery, we have many spots throughout the entire bakery which allows you to patrol at if you wish.

You may stand anywhere but where you stand must meet two requirements.

1: Where you are standing doesn’t put you at risk of looking directly at someone.
2: Your back is against a wall, railing, etc.

Keep in mind that where you stand must be in a public area, and cannot be anywhere staff-restricted.

You may also only stand somewhere between 2-10 minutes before moving to another position.

Any questions?

Alright, let’s continue.

3: Signals:

At Sugaree, we have many signals which describe the ongoing situation which will come in handy for you in the future.

If you don’t already know about some of these, then this will be the chance to learn about them.

Trollers are players who may be obnoxious or causing drama.

For Trollers, you will want to cuff them and bring them into this room, which is also the jail here.

Someone who is being disrespectful is a player who is being rude to someone regardless of their rank.

For those players, you’ll want to warn them once, and if they continue, bring them into this room.

Caps abusers are players who use all caps in one message.

Here is an example of what Cap abusers look like:

(Have an assistant do the example. If you don’t have an assistant there, you will have to do it yourself.)

This, however, is not considered caps abusing:

(Have an assistant do the example. If you don’t have an assistant there, you will have to do it yourself.)

You may only consider a player caps abusing if more than 2 of their messages include all caps.

If they stop before then, you will not take action.

Once again, you will warn and if they continue, you will bring them into the room.

Spammers are players who repeat the same message over and over again.

You will automatically bring the spammer into this room if they are caught.

On a side note: If you ever encounter a Security member abusing their abilities, collect proof and send it to a Security Captain+.

Also, make sure to return to the position you were at if you had to warn a customer for one of the reasons.

Any questions?

Great, follow me please.

(Lead the Intern(s) into the AFK Room.)

4: AFK Room:

This is Sugaree’s staff’s very own AFK Room.

To go AFK, just face the wall.

If you ever encounter a staff member+ AFK outside of the AFK room and not facing the wall, get assistance from an Upper Management member or Security Captain+.

Any questions?

Great, follow me please.

(Lead the Interns to the Upper Management room but do not go inside of it.)

5: Upper Management:

This door is the entrance to an Upper Management+ room.

We are not allowed to tell any player below the Upper Management what is inside it.

To go alongside of the Upper Management, Security Captains+ also have access to it.

Attempting to glitch in this room will also result in your removal from the staff team.

The Upper Management consists of every rank that is Supervisor and above. Security Captains+ are not considered Upper Management, but are considered Management for Security.

The Upper Management is also granted Admin Commands for moderation purposes which they cannot abuse.

Any questions?

Great, we will now be doing some simulations which will be the decision of if you pass this training or not.

Keep in mind that even if you pass this training, you will still need to attend a final test or multiple before you become an official Security member.

6: Simulations

Alright, we will now be commencing the Simulations.

We will be doing a total of 4 Simulations.

You must get at least 2 correct to pass this training.

Don’t worry if you fail the first one, you also get 3 chances before we move on.

Before we start, please note that we will be using the Security room as the jail in our roleplay.

You will also be not cuffing me, but only roleplaying saying something like cuffs.

Once you cuff me, you will also need to bring me into the Jail.

Anyway, any questions before we start?

Alright, we will now be beginning, best of luck to you all!

7: What to look for in every Simulation:

1: Caps abuse.
Caps abuse until 4 messages.

Wait until the Intern warns you the first time, then continue after they return to their position.
Continue to do it again and make sure they cuff you and bring you into the Security room.

2: Spam.
Spam at least 3 messages.

Wait until the Intern brings you into the jail.
You may go from there.

3: Disrespect.
Start out wandering around, and then start being disrespectful as if there’s a customer sitting down there.

Wait until the Intern warns you, then continue to.
Continue and wait for them to bring you into the jail.

4: Troll.
Be obnoxious to a chair as if there is a customer sitting there.

Continue to troll until the Intern cuffs you and brings you into the jail.

(If they got two at least two correct within their three chances, they will have passed the training. Dismiss anyone who fails on the spot.)

Congratulations, you have passed this training.

Now before you leave, here is some important information.

You are not an Official Security or Staff Member, meaning you are still a customer.

To pass, you must attend a final test.

The final test will consist of everything you learned from this training, except you will be dealing with real customers and will have a Security Captain+ supervising you the entire time.

If you fail the final test three times, you will have to do a training again, and no exceptions.

Even if you pass the final test once, you may have to pass multiple before you become a Security Member.

We also expect you to abide by our rules, as you are on the last step to become an official Security Member here at Sugaree.

Any questions?

Great, you are now dismissed unless you’d like to take a picture, once again, congratulations to you all.

Written and signed by SxmplyyAlyssa.