[SUGGESTION AND FEEDBACK] Adding custom textures to roblox terrain and switching the terrain region sizes

Greetings to all Roblox Developer, I recently came up with a new idea that roblox should add and I’d like to hear you guy’s feedback on the idea I had.

I believe roblox should add a custom feature in the terrain section in workspace and they should add a little settings where you can change the textures of the roblox default textures so we can add more realistic types.

So basically what I’m trying to say is people should be able to use their own textures instead of roblox’s default textures for terrain to customize their games better.

Another idea I had in mine was switching up the default roblox regions size, it is simply too small to copy and paste big things, I was frustrated one time due to roblox’s region copy and paste size, and I was trying to copy and paste a mountain, but roblox region size is simply too small.

So what do you guys think, do you think these are good ideas? Share your feedback.


These are good ideas, but don’t forget to use the search tool before posting. These features have been requested multiple times before.

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I really like the idea! It would open new horizons for Roblox Development! Just one think, change the place of the topic under Platform Feedback : Engine Features, so Roblox stuff will have a closer look at it.

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Yeah! It was my first post so I was pretty confused

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I like the idea. Could save alot of time and reduce lag instead of having to add textures to everything.

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