Suggestion: Hypertext Links for Code Blocks

So, I want one of two things:

  • The ability to place hypertext links on text in code blocks:

This would obviously have to coexist with the current code block’s highlighting, simply underlining the link’s text or allowing it in the comments is enough.
A cooler suggestion would be this:

  • Any methods or Enums or maybe even classes used in a code block links itself to the first API Reference result in a search with that query on the dev wiki. Like my last example:

Highlighting any phrase here, like game, GetService, or possibly even RunService will display a pop-up, or something similar, that shows a mini-preview of the description like Wikipedia does or display a link to the site directly, which leads to a new tab. Highlighting more than one word, separated by anything other than a period or colon, will not cause this behavior.


This is meant to be a tool for any programmer that does not fully understand the function of a code block and wants to learn more about its API usage. This also makes it especially convenient to access the developer wiki and find even more resources, like accessing its tutorials.
This also makes it a bit simpler for the helper by not having to describe every part of the code in detail in hopes that the receiver of this commented and cushioned code block will understand.

I am acknowledging the possible answer that the Discourse framework does not allow for these kinds of modifications, but if this is true, could it be considered in the future, and are there any clean alternatives to this? Thank you in advance.