Suggestion to the website from Roblox

Hi! I think this is something what could be interesting on Roblox. Some people when wants play roblox on PC with someone of Xbox they try to find a game to play, and sometimes they doesn’t know if the game is allowed the permission about if Mobile,Tablet,PC or Xbox can play it or not. We know a lot of games puts their compatibility on the Desc like this example:


BUT, not all the games from Roblox put them. But how, I will say my Suggestion to Roblox
In this part could be interesting if they said the plataforms allowed on all the games.

Why? I think can help to some peoples and can get more information about the experences/games what roblox has.

How can be possible add this:
Maybe with icons looking like their plataform on the part on the last picture.
Could be interesting to know
If the icon is glowing it means that plataform can play it / It’s allowed to play in that plataform in that game
If not it means the opposite

Example: If an Icon of Computer and Console are glowing except Mobile and Tablet, It means it’s allowed to play the experence/game on PC and console but not on Mobile and Tablet.

I know this suggestion isn’t very big or special, but what I think it can be useful.
It’s my first time texting here, I hope I explained well :wink: