Suggestions, feedback on my builds for my game

Hi!! My name is Shunnz and I’m still fairly inexperienced to building and 3D modeling with Blender (around 6-8 months), and I’m not quite sure what else I can add for my scenes for my game, I have considered lag and have yet to hear any complaints from any testers, or friends that played! This is one of my first games, and I’d appreciate any feedback that can be given to the following :

this if for my Starter Screens Scene, and also my other Work in progress map : This was all made in around a couple weeks to a months time, but I want feedback from any more experienced builders who’ve been on the platform developing longer, and once again let me restate, there’s pretty much no lag. (with the code in-game) If you have any questions that may concern you, ask ahead and I’ll respond as soon as I can! Thank you!!


Is there a game link you can provide for us?

I would love too but the game’s currently closed as it’s still pretty early in development.

Ok, that makes sense! Well, your map looks really cool. I love it. The only thing I would maybe add though, is paths in the harbor, leading from house to house or place to place. Also, where I circled in blue, looks kind off funky. It looks a little too steep leading down to that dock. Maybe instead use some wooden stairs over the pebble to make it a little more even. Secondly, the blue circle on the right, that wall looks a little weird. If you have an uphill path already leading to it, then maybe I would add some rock on that wall so it doesn’t look so plain and out in the open.

Edit: I have another suggestion I forgot to mention. Right where I circled here also looks a little plain. I would maybe stick to a rough concrete, or preferably, I would make it all wood.

Hope all my feedback helps! Good luck on your game!


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitely take this into consideration and improve on these areas.

@Shunnz I love it! It looks fantastic honestly. Is there a game link for this so I can view it myself after school? :smiley:

Hey! sorry for the late response. I would love to open the game, but it’s too early in development for me, and my other developers to open it. Thanks though.

I love the game, the lighten details are great. You have done amazing, good job!

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Looks great overall. I would maybe consider decreasing the sun rays intensity.

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Thanks! I really only did that for the dramatic shot of the map, usually it’s lowered in-game.

No problem :slight_smile:

Good luck with your game though.

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