Suggestions For a Name for My Upcoming Game

Introduction: Hello, I’m currently developing a new Roblox game and I’m in need of suggestions for the title of the game.

What is the game about?: The game is based off of the real game ‘GTA V’ with some aspects from Roblox’s ‘Vehicle Simulator’ and ‘MadCity’.

What game titles have I been thinking about?: Some names I’ve come up with have been ‘SWATTED’ and ‘The Red Plan’.

Please write any suggestions in the replies below.

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Some names I think of:

  • Damage Dealer
  • Sketchcrook
  • Transgression
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You can call it a made up city name and add “Criminals” At the end.

Example: Wandale Criminals

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I can’t think of any names sorry, I am just asking when you think this game will be released.

The game will probably be released any time between September and November, it really depends.

SWATTED sounds good, if I could solo-dev such a big game like GTA V/Madcity I’d definitely make it and name it that.

How about “Clumsy Crooks”? Alliterations are nice.

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I got two names for you:

  • Driven Outlaws
  • Injustice Highway / Highway of Injustice

I like the name The Red plan but it has the in it. I personally like that name but remove the from the name. Also maybe revolve the game around a big heist and a bunch of open world quests? Then it could all lead up to Red Plan.

I’ve read some of the suggestions you’ve given me and I’m now trying to decide between the names ‘SWATTED: San Diago’ and ‘Criminals of San Diago’. I’m going to hold a poll on Twitter now to see which name playes would enjoy more. If you would like to vote in the poll my Twitter is @Bzoit9.