Suggestions for detail?

Hey developers! I’m trying to build an SCP containment zone hallway. I am pleased with the design, but I feel that the walls could do with more detail. I’ve got no idea what to add! Any ideas? Picture below:

Thanks in advance!


With it being SCP I assume you want a Sci-fi sort of theme. You could add pipes/cables running along or embedded in the wall, Some round emergency lights or little detailed wall mounts, control panels, lights, maybe add more detail to the pillars/supports. Just search up sci-fi or SCP hallway and you can get some good ideas. Just make sure it isn’t one section that looks the same copy and pasted too much. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll do that! I will post a picture of the updated hallways when I’m done.

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And here’s the complete hallway! Re-made the wall decor, and re-textured it, and it looks much better.

Aye! That looks cool Is this just a project or for a game?

That looks really nice! I’d suggest messing with the lighting also to give it more theme you know?

A game I’m making. It’s an SCP roleplaying site

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Can’t really do that. I’m trying to optimise the game for most platforms, like weaker PCs and mobile devices

I don’t think lighting would really affect performance, you already have it currently. It’s shaders, and adjusting how the lighting hits “Future” would look fairly nice if it’s already not used.