Suggestions for making more random dice rolls

I am working on a project which attempts to simulate a dice roll as this project mimics a board game. I am continuously receiving complaints from testers that the dice rolls and other random mechanics that occur in the game are not random. (Repeated numbers CONSTANTLY)

I am using the somewhat new function and I use tick for the seed. The issue is so severe I have resorted to using a 3rd party website to generate random numbers via httpservice. I don’t find this to be sustainable considering how frequently the game generates random numbers.

Any advice on how to tackle this issue?

Have you not tried math.random? And if you did, did you put it at the beginning of the script, if so that means it will not change no matter what. Put it the line above that asks for the math.random

local randomObject =
randomObject =

You should be calling periodically with a new seed (returned from tick()).