Suggestions for naming a Sci-Fi game?

Hi, I’ve posted something similar to this in the past - I had hoped it had initally helped. Alas it did not.

I’m working on a Space-themed RPG but struggling to generate a name that sticks. However, I don’t want anything too generic as I’m hoping to eventually introduce the game as a franchise.


Set in Outer Space, Players are given the ability to pilot / customise their own ships and using these to traverse a vast universe.

The game will feature ‘Seasons’, each with their own unique Missions; these will be introduced into the game accordingly. Each season eventually focusing on it’s own story-arc that the Player must work through, granting rewards, xp, and allowing them to progress further into the Universe.

Role-Playing will also be a sub-category of this game. In between travelling the Universe and partaking in missions, Players are able to access each others ships and travel together.

So I’ve been absolutely struggling with a name for this sort of game, as stated. I’m not looking for anything too generic.
All suggestions are welcome & much appreciated. Eventually I’ll collate them into a poll to give myself an insight of which sort of names stand out to the community.

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The only thing I can really suggest are space related words like Solar, Kosmos, asteroid, comet etc.
If you have ship names or mission names, you can base it from one of those.
If you’re making it a game with roleplay as a sub category, you should make a group. Your group name should be included in the title like (international space station) [ISS] Equinox this might help. They’re words that aren’t used that commonly and are less generic.

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Well for me this kind of reminds me of the game"StormWorks Build and Rescue" on steam, On the game you can build ships and or planes to fly to other islands and places, and this is like it but in space, so maybe for a name “In-flight” but anyways I will love to see how this game will turn out, keep it up!


This sounds like it’s sort of quest and exploration focused, so I would piece a word off of that, and join it with a word that keys into space. Such as Atlas; Cosmos, or Totality Embarked.

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