Suggestions for ways to get pets in my game

Hello Robloxian friends! I wanted you to help me, how will the player get the pets; there will be a machine that how much you pay will release the object to obtain a pet. In Adopt Me, pets are obtained through eggs, in Overlook Bay, they are obtained by buying tickets and gives you a pokeball to throw it and well, I can’t think of anything about how to get the pets in my game through money and randomly, and I wanted to know if you can help me by giving your suggestions …

1- The player goes to a pet store to buy the object to obtain the pets with their money.
2- The player will be given a random pet, so that he can collect all the pets in the game.

I hope and friends can help me …

I suggest that you make a “shop” prop. When the player touches or enters a designated area, the player gets an option to spend a certain amount of money on an “egg”. When the player opens the “egg” they get a “pet” which helps them in some way. Hope this helps! :smiley:

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The player could perhaps spin a wheel, and the pets are based off of their level? (And with some bonus rare ones).