Suggestions for WNP Lobby

I would like to hear some of your thoughts on my current build for a game I’m working on. It’s different from what I originally aimed for, for no particular reason. All I have so far is this building shown down below, and it’ll be inside/attached to a larger facility (Hard to explain without showing examples, which I don’t have.).

All in all, I just want to see if something is missing. An idea that would make this more unique? I’m not sure, hence, why I’m asking. Yes, I’m aware it’s empty and missing it’s back wall too.

Thank you for viewing!


I think it just need some detail

But it looks ok just like that

Good work

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Amazing work! Obviously what you mentioned, but also some small details like benches or signs would be nice, maybe booths?

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Yes, I definitely considered adding booths to add another element for players to interact with!

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Run with it! If it doesn’t look nice, scrap it. It’s just a matter of adding and removing until you feel yourself that your lobby is perfect. Goodluck! Keep us updated.

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