Summing Offset Forces

I am finding the sum of forces that do not pass through the center of mass of an object. The trouble I am having is finding the best implementation method. Is there no way to create a force from an arbitrary position besides either moving around Attachments and VectorForces (high property change overhead) or doing my own velocity/angular velocity calculations (not running at the engine level)? I’m working with approximately 100-400 Forces depending on the situation. It’s hard to tell if this is premature optimization because I am still refactoring and optimizing, but I assess this would become a bottleneck in the future. Anyone worked on something similar? Thoughts are appreciated!

Found “ApplyImpulseAtPosition” in BasePart, unable to test now but I’m pretty sure this is what I was looking for in case somebody searches for a similar question. No idea how I missed that :sweat_smile: