Sun not casting shadows very well

Im building a raft and I want the sun to cast shadows just like a light source (images below)

Is it possible to replicate the same shadows with only the sun?

Have you read about lighting Technology | Roblox Creator Documentation?

I using the future technology, but on the developer hub page for Technology, Future is completely blank

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Try tweaking shadow settings in Lighting maybe?

I just realized you are trying to get shadows in the water. Not sure if this is possible.

Use Shadow Map maybe you are using Voxel
or your graphics are low.

After a bit of testing diffrent things, I used a plugin to drag the sun where I wanted but the shadows also seemed to come back. I think the sun mightve been to low down becuase I was trying to get a sunset feel. But thanks for helping and giving suggestions!

Make sure Lighting>Brightness is a value above 0.