Sunnyz Training Guide

Training Guide:

Hello! My name is ( USERNAME ) I will be hosting this training session.

This is now the appropriate time to ask questions.

Okay, before we start, I will go over the rules.

R1 No swearing.

R2 No Bypassing the chat filter in any kind of way.

R3 No Exploiting.

R4 No talking over anybody.

R5 No glitching.

R6 No abusing caps.

Now we have that out of the way, you may now begin, good luck!


1st go over what you will be doing.

Tell them to go behind the counter and that you will be asked to give the customer the item they desire.

You will go over III things so give them a strike to there name every time they pass an activity.

They must have at least II strikes to pass.

After the rules ask them for a greeting. Please correct any grammar issues in the

Following that go over the warning example.

W1 - Reason
W2 - Reason
W3 - Reason

After the maximum amount of warnings the fellow user must call for a HR+
As this is not the real game they should say Calls HR or anything along them lines.

Once you have gone over the warning format you must proceed to the trolling test.
You will need a pretend troller, but you must still abide by the ROBLOX rules.

After this the host will see if the user has passed, then rank the fellow user.

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