SunRays not working in Studio

So, I inserted SunRays into Lighting, and past times I did this it works fine. But now for some reason, the SunRays don’t appear, even when I test. No matter how high I put the intensity, they aren’t there. How can I fix this?


This is probably a bug, as it is happening to me too. I suggest deleting the post and messaging support about it.

Set graphics quality to max and then try

Well how do I change graphics quality in Studio?

Click file then go to studio settings then go to rendering click edit graphics quality and then set graphics to 21

I just put all things regarding graphics to max. No difference. I also have a BloomEffect, BlurEffect and ColorCorrection. Would any of those cause it?

Then I’m not sure. Contact @roblox-support

Okay then.

More characters so it is postable.

Wait nevermind I just had to restart Studio.