Sunset Paradise | Rank Donation Agreement

Welcome to Sunset Paradise | Rank Donation Agreement

:warning: Just bought rank? That’s mean you agree to all of this :warning:

#1. You should follow our Staff Guidelines.

#2. You need to use proper Grammar at Hotels, Training Center, and Interview Center.

#3. You understand that we have the right to demote/fire/suspend you for breaking our rules.

#4. You understand that if you are admin abusing you are subject to punishment.

#5. You understand abusing “Rank Center” will get you BlackListed from our Hotels.

#6. You need to be professional at all times.

#7. You understand that you may NOT receive a refund after losing your rank for any rules you break.

Is there any question you want to ask? Feel free to ask our SHR team at the communication server. Comms server you can find at our group desc.

Staff Handbook: Sunset Paradise Officially HandBook

SIGNED :innocent:

Founder of Sunset Hotels
Co-Founder of Sunset Hotels