[sunset] where my devs at?! (Survey) V2

ReeseMcBlox recently made this thread as a survey just to see the general locations of the devs around here. This gave off some pretty neat information to find out if any developers lived near you. Sadly, someone was immature enough to remove all of the locations and put very offensive words on the map. This is an attempt to restart the map survey.

Let’s try to be mature now guys, alright?

Follow the instructions to the original post ReeseMcBlox wrote in the original thread:

[quote]This survey is for fun, and also to help with some projects we are working on, such as the Maker Faires around the country. It will help us a lot to know where our top devs actually are. I know there were some threads before about where you are located. This one is for me. :DDD

-1. Go to this link to Interactive Map
0. Sign into a google account

  1. Type your city, state, country into the search bar
  2. Click the marker that appears on the map in your city. Then click “Add to Map”
  3. On the left sidebar, click your city marker. Click the pencil icon to Edit entry.
  4. Change the name of the point from your city name to your Username, then Save it
  5. (Optional) Hover over your username on the left and click the paint bucket to change your symbol and color.

This survey is an experiment in collective editing. The map is editable by anyone with the link. Do not share the link with people who are not on RBX dev, and do not troll someone else’s entry.

It’s ok to be a bit vague about your location if you have privacy concerns. For example, if you live in a suburb outside a larger city you could put the name of the larger city. This doesn’t need to be pinpoint accurate.

Go to town! (literally)[/quote]

Edit: Removed links because this map can no longer be shared. Google moved it into the ROBLOX corporate folders.

I think I might hold off, maybe since Reese created it, she could revert the changes?
or not
oh well

I readded my location.

This is why people need to stop sharing these private things with scrubby little brats who aren’t even a part of this forum.

Who is the mysterious Point 10?

I can’t find a way to add a point, do I need an account of some sort? can someone place a point for me at St. Louis, Mo?

Added one for you. To add a marker for future reference though, Under the search bar, next to the pan hand, is the add marker button.

I can’t revert the map. I was regularly saving it off to KML format, but google doesn’t import KML. It only exports it. Not sure what to do now. I’ll think about it.

See if you can try to convert the KML with something if possible, or load it into a map that imports it and export to an accepted format (how I do my m4a to mp3 when I do not like album covers).

Hay I was wrong. You can import a KML. All the old data from June 16 has been restored in a new layer.


Well my data wasn’t backed up so re-added my location. There are 2 locations with my name, that’s normal; just a vacation house of my parents is added in France.

Was not some guy banned because he shared where he lived?

That would be me

It’s one thing to plop a marker on a map that could be anywhere within miles (or farther) from your real location. It’s another thing to post your address and say “come at me bro.” If anything bad did happen to Echo who do you think would be held partly responsible? Hint: ROBLOX. There’s a reason (lawyers) that we don’t allow users to post too much personal info on the main site. Some of those reasons (lawyers) extend into this forum even if we don’t like them (lawyers).

Can we not derail this thread.

PS: Some of my best friends are lawyers.

emailed you @ behindtheblox@roblox.com Becky.

I placed my markers to the closest city, 10-20kilometers. I think it’s not too much information…

Thread train is coming to a pit stop. Not a derail.

Please get ur prof pic right. What’s with the AWFUL clipping on your torso and arms?


I know we have a lot of new devs and I’m excited to see if any more are in Indiana.

[quote] BUMP!

I know we have a lot of new devs and I’m excited to see if any more are in Indiana. [/quote]

David the map link has been closed (or rather, restricted, hah.)