[sunset] where my devs at?! (Survey) V2

[quote] BUMP!

I know we have a lot of new devs and I’m excited to see if any more are in Indiana. [/quote]

David the map link has been closed (or rather, restricted, hah.)[/quote]

Orly? Dang.

Waiting… my only weakness

Now I am getting email spammed with requests to share it. Not sure I’m going to have time to do anything about it today. I locked it down to prevent graffiti.

Oi, ideally the map would only be open to people on this forum (which could be verified through their email addresses), but not all of us have a gmail address as our primary email.
I’m like that.

But it would be a headache to manually approve 704 users.

Wat do? I’m brainstorming it.

I figured out why the map is closed. Google Maps Engine is going out of business so the map was moved into Google My Maps, which is linked to my work account. Our work account settings don’t allow public sharing so it’s now a private map only employees can see. So… not sure what the next step is. Hang tight.

Please stop requesting access. I can’t give it to people outside of ROBLOX.