Sunshine Café Franchise - V1.6 Update Log


Sunshine Café Franchise V1.6 Update

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The next version of Sunshine Café Franchise is finally here and this post will cover all of the new changes to the game.

New User Interface

For a long time, Sunshine has been needing a user interface update, as there were a lot of unnecessary parts and the old one did not follow a steady theme. In this version, the development team have added new user interface which suits our theme a lot better, and is consistent throughout the game.

The New Bubble Chat

Sunshine has finally got the new bubble chat enabled in at the café and it is customised to be in the yellow/purple Sunshine colours.

New Rank Tags & Rank Tag Customisation Gamepass

We have made an update to the efficiency and look of the rank tags, making them look cleaner and re-coding the colour changing system. Users who own the Rank Tag Color Change gamepass will be able to pick between a variety of different colours to set their nametag to whatever they desire. Colours on tags will save in a future update. Also in a future update, rank tags will be positioned above your head based on the height of the accessories you’re wearing.

Major Rescripting

The majority of the game has been rescripted, both front-end and back-end. The things that have not been rescripted are due to be in the next few days. This major change is to improve the efficiency and overall optimisation of our code in the game. The rescript has also come with the addition of more systems, such as anti-character collisions.

New Cooking System

The cooking system has been rescripted to support mobile and Xbox players too. The recipe guide and drinks machine UI has been updated to work with this new system. Along with this, premade items can now be picked up using the same system.

Bug Fixes

Many of the known bugs have been fixed due to the rescripting. If you do happen to find a bug, please let a developer know.

Version Release Notes:

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Developers: LegendOJ1, Norman748, friedraice
Release Date: December 30th 2020

  • LegendOJ1’s first update as Head Developer
  • Sunshine’s first update under new ownership.

These are the major changes that we have made in the main game for this update. This is not all that we have planned for the current version and further patches will be pushed in the new year. We hope you enjoy the new update, and feel free to let us know any ideas you have to improve Sunshine.

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