Super Biz Catalog V2 – Search, Saved Outfits, Body Customization, and More

Awesome! This is very interesting.

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How does this allow us to monetize our game when they can choose anything from the catalog?

You get 40% of what they bought


It seems like some smart guys like merely already discover it a long time before but you’re the first one to make it open sourced.
Great job!

How exactly does that work? Is superbiz affiliated with roblox or do you guys just have a lot of robux to spare?

Its not, however roblox just allowed scripts to change the avatar and stuff. Also you could purchase character items for a few years. However, it is not really 40%. It is 10% for “Classic Clothing” and 40% for “3D Clothes and Accessories”

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Not really, I’ve been doing this for ages, there is an opensource model that allows you to buy anything via item id, I usually do this when I buy items since I get a portion of my robux back.

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Are you dumb?

Superbiz Catalog allows you to have a browsable catalog for players to purchase items. The open-source models that allows you to buy items with id, requires the player to go to the website to browse for items, and copy the id, when with superbiz catalog they can be browsing in-game, without the fuss of ids.

Realistically, no player will be using the id based one, since they can just purchase the goods on the website whilst they get the id, the id based one were just made for people to publish places, and save 40% when buying goods for themselves. This catalog is for creators to have extra profits from their players.

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Very well made and executed, I do want to let you know that if you do (and you should) make some aspects of it purchase-only, as many others don’t know, to move it to creations feedback!

I can very much vouch for this, I implemented the Super Biz catalog system into my game ‘Bakery Simulator’ a few weeks ago. I’ve seen revenue from assets increase by as much as 80x since adding this.

To be perfectly clear, it still doesn’t make up a significant chunk of my revenue, but it went from practically nothing to a decent amount of extra cash for zero effort on my part. Great stuff!


so it’s coming out of pocket from the developers? how do we get this robux? where does it come from?

It’s a built in Roblox feature. When a item(gamepass, shirt, ETC) is sold in your game you get a 10%-40% cut of the revenue(depending on what the type of asset sold is).
It comes out of the seller’s portion of the pay, so if I sold a gamepass for 10 robux in your game, I would get 6 robux instead of 7, because you would get 1 Robuck from the commission.

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Roblox gives developers 40% of the revenue generated by in-game bundle purchases.


Interesting. wonder why it does that for gamepasses too, because it just gives the actual developer less money.

Any suggestions for what categories we should feature in the catalog?

Pretty good not gonna lie but…
What if we don’t want to share any information to your website ?
Can’t we have a standalone version?


why does nothing come up


Likely forgot to enable HTTP requests!

them avatar shop games bout to have a field day lol big W tho

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We released V2! We added new features for browsing and avatar editing: search, saved outfits, body customization, and undo/redo.

The original post has been updated to reflect the update and has more info: