Super Cafe is hiring a builder [CLOSED]

About the Job

We need a V2 of a Cafe for our Cafe group! We are looking for an experienced builder who knows how to properly build!

Job Description
We are looking to make a brand new Cafe. A large-sized cafe. We are only accepting a 1-time builder at this time. We are aiming for a summer vibe cafe, for the summer. Please send me your portfolio using the contact options.


The range of the payment is 4k-8k max.
I pay through t-shirts or group funds!
I don’t pay in through PayPal.

Contact info

You can contact me on devforum @Haylezx
Or on dizzy/discord Liamzz#2740

Extra information
Got to be 13+ to apply
Gotta have a portfolio/showcase
I have the right to deny any applicant!
We also take built already cafes

Thanks for reading!

Accept friend request in discord aka LP54211#4075

Sent a request in discord. 4w#8210 I may have a few pre-built and willing to make any custom build ideas you may have!

I’ve sent you a friend request on discord (Theyoloman#7498)! Looking forward to talking to you!

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