Super Doomspire Update 2/15/2020

Update 2/15/2020

Hey y’all! This week’s update mostly has a big influx of Stickers to collect as well as some balance changes. 6 of the new Stickers were contributed by @Arch_Mage!


  • 36 new Stickers!
  • Balancing
    • Shadow Bomb: decreased bomb jump to -33%, increased reload time to +30%
    • Voxcalibur: decreased jump power to +30% (from +40%), decreased midair attack damage to 35 (from 40)
    • Bloomerang’s flight time increased by half a second.
    • Tennis Racket’s reflect power increased to +150% (from +100%).
  • Blow Stuff Up and Spawn Capture are now only available in VIP servers for the time being.
  • Added some more Green-only trampolines to all Infection maps.
  • Infection gamemode timer has been decreased to 4:00 (from 5:00). This should hopefully make Survivor wins a bit more common - one of the hardest parts was simply surviving for such a long time.
  • Camera FOV increased a bit.

Update 2/8/2020


  • Favorites
    • You can now favorite Tools & Stickers! On computers, press F (Y on console) while hovering over an item to favorite it, or tap the new Favorite button.
    • Favorites will always show up at the top of your inventory (except for in the alphabetical sort).
  • Gave Rainbow a more fitting skybox
  • Added a sound effect to the Music Note sticker
  • Added more rooms to Doomspire generation
  • Infected drop more bricks in Infection mode
  • Abyss Expert task requirement lowered to 1000 (from 1500).
  • Left 4live task requirement lowered to 10 (from 20).


  • New Tools
    • Bloomerang & Hat-a-rang
      • Can be bounced on after being thrown
      • Only damages enemies once
  • Balances/Tweaks
    • Greatsword animations changed so Colossal Blade doesn’t hit with the blunt end
    • Greatsword can attack more often in midair
    • Ice Sword chill time increased to 8 seconds (from 5)
    • Fire Sword now has -10% swing speed & decreased burn time
    • Fixed bug where Arm Cannon’s uncharged shot did not register KOs
    • Homerun damage increased to 65
    • Homerun deals more damage to buildings
    • Increased health of Spike buildings by 50%
    • Increased health of Truss buildings by 50%