Super Doomspire Update 2/25/2020

Update 2/25/2020

  • New Tools
    • Starblaster
      • Bombardier skin
    • Brickbreaker
      • Enemies drop bricks when KO’d
      • +50% construction damage
      • -15% swing speed
      • No strike attack
  • Balances/Tweaks
    • Trowel Tools now show their construction in the preview instead of the tool.
    • Fixed the bug where Infected show up on the victory platform when Survivors win.
    • Fixed an uncommon bug where the Bombardier didn’t fire.
    • Added little swirly things to brick pickups to make them more obvious, and doubled how long they stay before disappearing.
    • Reduced the default Bomb’s detonation time.
    • Fixed an issue where some bombs couldn’t be launched by other explosions.
    • Shortened the bottom floors of Doomspires by 1 stud.

Update 2/21/2020

  • New Tools

    • Bombardier
      • Idea suggested by Garterchoncho.
      • Rockets travel in an arc
      • Big explosive radius
      • Rockets slowly gain damage as they travel
    • Super Bomb
  • Maps

    • Xiajing has been added to Doomspire gamemodes & updated slightly
    • Rainbow has been updated visually, and towers now collide with the terrain.
  • Balances/Tweaks

    • Voxcalibur’s midair attack damage 35 → 30
    • Voxcalibur’s jump height boost +40% → +30%
    • Hitting players with a melee weapon causes 0.1 seconds where they can’t damage you. This should make sword fighting feel less like you’re both damaging each other at the same time over and over.
    • Ragdolled players can no longer deal melee damage
    • Removed burn from Hoss Hog
    • Lowered Frying Pan’s ragdoll power
    • Scope Shot reload time debuff 15% → 10%
    • Classic Bomb’s explosion sound changed
    • Moved the Infected towers closer to the Survivor tower in Possum City
    • In Infection, assist KOs as an Infected now count towards the Making Fiends task