Super Striker League - V3.0 Update Coming Soon!

⏰ Super Striker League's V3.0 Update is coming soon!

New Map

A brand new map is coming with this update! Head to a volcanic mountaintop for some of the most heated competition you’ll find in the League… Welcome to Inferno Peak!

New Items

A new batch of Shoes, Gloves, Headgear, and Uniforms will be added to the game… including the long-awaited Ember, Paladin, and Striker Elite Helmets! Have a sneak peek at them below!

Updated Progression + New Player Experience

Super Striker League has a lot of different features to offer, but right now, new players can get overwhelmed from having everything thrown at them all at once. With this in mind, the experience for new players is being updated!

Beginners will be divided into new level brackets where they’ll be able to learn the game at a smoother pace:

  • Level 1-4: Beginner League
  • Level 5-9: Novice League
  • Level 10-24: Rookie League
  • Level 25-99: Veteran League
  • Level 100+: Pro League

Certain features will also be unlocked once a certain level is reached. For instance, players will unlock equipment at Level 5, and unlock access to the Shop, Crates, and Abilities at Level 10. This will give new players time to get used to the game before being shown more advanced features. New tutorials are also being added to better explain each of the game’s features.

The level-up rewards system will also be changed, so that instead of receiving crates, you’ll directly receive items that are guaranteed to be a specific rarity when you hit certain level milestones!

🎉 V3.0 Release Date: October 9, 2020!

See you on the pitch!