Supernatural | Creating a Division

Create a Division Into The Supernatural Universe:

  • Article A: - The Roblox Group:

  • The roblox group must include at least 4 MHR spots.

  • 5 HR spots.

  • A valid description about the Division

  • It must be on Joins Requests.

  • You need 10 members ready to join already.

  • Article B: - The Discord

  • It must includes SAME ranks of the Roblox Group.
  • It must be Setup properly and channels permissions also Setup.
  • Same Icon of the Roblox Group.

  • Article C: - MemberShip.

  • Members shall be selected via a form in order to enter the division.

  • No perks shall be give / Promised until Third rank.

  • No FreeRanks is tolerated.

  • Once the player joins the Division via the form if he passed successfuly, he must attend a training in order to be fully accepted into the division.

  • Article D: - OwnerShip
  • The division must be setup properly especially concerning Divisional Requirements